Pharmaceutical Chemicals Company mainly fluorine intermediates for cardiovascular drugs, diabetes drugs, psychotropic drugs, anti-infective drugs and anti-viral medicine, synthetic raw materials, intermediates and other sectors has a strong technological advantage. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the downstream part of the original drug and preparation, the company selected to achieve rapid expansion of the industry through mergers and acquisitions. In early 2016 shares of Shanghai Branch Ling Medical Technology Co., Ltd., officially cut the Internet health management, the acquisition of Foshan Zhejiang palm and palm, will help the company achieve rapid pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials to the pharmaceutical formulation vertically integrated industry chain. At present, the company is “Wing Tai Pharmaceutical preparations International Development Capacity Building Project” is an orderly way, ANDA, DMF declaration has made progress, GMP system construction initial improvement, and launched the FDA and GMP certification of the declaration as soon as possible, a series of action can be seen that the pharmaceutical company strategic objectives of the firm, orderly layout, expand the scale of future capacity to look forward to.

Domestic pharmaceutical long development cycles, high costs, lengthy approval process of drugs qualified, companies rely on independent research and development of new drugs completely, it is difficult to see results in the short term. Two underlying this acquisition, the texture is very fine: wherein Zhejiang palm has seven patents (six domestic patents, U.S. patent 1), the main products through the US FDA site inspection or the European Union CEP certification, Materials methyldopa and drug gabapentin rank domestic forefront of similar products, the products are exported to more than ten countries and regions; Foshan palm was formerly global generics giant Actavis Group, a subsidiary of China – Actavis (Foshan ) pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., after years of development, Foshan palms has made 78 drug approval number. The company already has in Europe and America through the acquisition of the pharmaceutical market clearance eligibility and won several domestic drug approval number of companies, both to seize the opportunities of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, but also to promote the pace of internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry, can be described as domestic and international with both hands, hands quickly.

Suofeibuwei demand will be explosive growth in the non-canonical market. Suofeibuwei or Harvoni monolithic doses are 400mg, 400mg discount off a need pentafluorophenol. Gilead pentafluorophenol suppliers, and never too much technology accounted for 80%, 20% of an Indian firm. We launched from the front Gilead in 2015 sales 22,580,000 calculation, pentafluorophenol demand never too much technology is about 7.2 tons, we believe this is a conservative guess, as the lower demand to consider. Also note that the September 15, 2014, Gilead announced seven Indian generic manufacturers (Cipla, Mylan, Ranbaxy, etc.) signed a non-exclusive concession agreement, allowing it to produce and sell sheets sofosbuvir to more than 91 developing countries (excluding China), the benefit of the global number of hepatitis C patients occupy 54%, priced at $ 10 / piece. That is the market in the non-canonical, Suofeibuwei sales level will be explosive growth, even if the 30 million people estimated need pentafluorophenol have 1008 tons of raw materials, never too much technology in the presence of a strong pentafluorophenol cost advantages in the nonstandard market also has a strong competitive edge, so the market for non-canonical pentafluorophenol, it will be the next flashpoint demand.