Medicines from China Mainland Should Not be Registered

Guangdong Food and Drug Administration review authentication center Liaison Office officially arrived in Guangdong and Macao, Zhuhai Hengqin Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park, the two sides will work together to explore the reform of drug approval. Pharmaceutical industrial park in the future after the review of certification, to enter the Macao market or will no longer have access to do registration.

It is reported that this seminar is jointly organized by Guangdong and Macao Chinese medicine industrial park and the China Technology Exchange. The exchange Biomedical Services Department official said, the mainland before the drug into the market, subject to approval of the State Food and Drug Administration, but in order to enter Macau sales, the need to re-register again in Macau. Liaison Office to explore the landing is reduced and Macao within the approval process, and promote the two drugs to recognize qualifications.

Currently, the approval of reform has just started, the future of the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration review authentication sub-centers will be located in the industrial park. In this seminar, China Technology Exchange International Chinese medicine industry base was officially settled in Chinese medicine industrial park, the future the two sides will further expand cooperation in the field of the international registration, import and export trade.

Further, the second session of the National Medical masters such as Liu Min, Wang Qi, former State Secretary for Food and Drug Administration Shao Mingli, president of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine TRADITIONAL and other domestic top nine persons employed in the pharmaceutical industry as a member of the expert advisory committee industrial park.

We Have Never Been Asked

Some people think that health care reform is Sanming through strong government, reforms to resolve an iron fist, not through the market to solve. Sanming medical reform model for the current medical problems – Medical market monopoly, the doctor can not freely practice, medical services and poor reliability, and can not be solved, even strong government to promote the reform led to the government to expand its powers, in the open market and other issues will be a retrograde step. And which country to promote the “decentralization” contrary.

In Chan Chik Fu opinion, “Sanming healthcare reform from the government is for the people to provide basic medical security objective, rather than the power policy, which is the general secretary Xi said the government should assume responsibility for leading the reform, providing security responsibilities are unified.
Government is to serve the people, and the government itself must bear some of the responsibility to protect, for example, for the people to provide basic education, basic public security, basic health care, and even basic housing services.

Say health care reform is difficult, Difficulties? Kowloon flood control difficult. Among sectoral interests is difficult to break, passing the buck. Therefore, the first step is to reform the health care reform Sanming. Chan Chik Fu stressed that “Sanming City first straighten out the leadership system, the matter relates to the field of medical, health care, medicine and other owned by one person managed to break the long condominium, truly three doctors linkage. Then, streamline government departments and public responsibilities between hospitals. Government departments should be within the walls of the hospital authority back to Dean, the responsibility borne by the Government, the Government must bear it. “

Anticancer Drug nstallment

Currently patients with lung cancer using targeted prodrug five months at their own expense for the period of administration, the economic burden is very large, medicines per month to pay up to 15,900 yuan, five months down to close to 8 million. Recently, a national chain of specialty pharmacy in Guangzhou, launched interest-free, mortgage-free, targeted drug costs payment installments. Through 18-month installment plan, patients only pay 4417 yuan per month for medicine.

Installments was developed after World War II. Usually confined to buy household goods or services at the beginning. With the rapid development of productive forces, everyone’s material needs growing installments on expanding in various fields. Today we buy a house, buy a car, buy a computer using hire purchase are very common.

Guangzhou This specialty pharmacy chain launched anticancer drugs installments sense than buying a car hire computer is far greater, in a sense, is a life-saving installments. These patients buy drugs, not for consumption, but not for investment, but in order to survive. Without this anti-cancer drugs is likely to pay in installments, put a patient into an impasse.

Children Should Not Take Such Medicines

Some pediatricians introduced in its pediatric hospital medicine is used initially will be upper respiratory tract infection, then see “Clinical Drug Information Reference 2007 Edition” A lot of vidarabine drug toxicity, but also set out the United States was disabled drug injection preparations. As early as 2010 the hospital for safety reasons, we recommend caution in children, pediatric rarely used for upper respiratory tract infections.

CFDA informed that 5.05% of adverse reaction case reports of serious adverse reactions related to the database with a single injection of Ara-AMP reports the total number of reports of NDC, reports of adverse reactions children under 14 accounted for about 80%. In recent years, injection vidarabine monophosphate cases of adverse reactions showed rapid growth trend in the number of reports, and more serious adverse reaction reports. Injection adenosine monophosphate can cause severe allergic reactions, such as anaphylactic shock, anaphylactoid reactions, breathing difficulties; may also cause mental disorders, nerve damage (such as tremors, numbness of the limbs, convulsions, unconsciousness, etc.) and bone marrow suppression (such as red blood cells, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, and so on).

Food Drug Administration recommends that medical personnel before using this product should be asked in detail about the patient’s allergies, allergy to the chemicals contained in the disabled, allergic caution. Close observation of patients during the administration once an exception should be discontinued immediately and treatment. Because there is no application for children injection vidarabine monophosphate safety and effectiveness of the system of research data, recommendations for children to be weighed. It is also recommended to strengthen the company injection vidarabine monophosphate security monitoring, particularly concerned about the safety of children medication.

How Should Online Sold Medicines be Delivered?

“When Internet sales of drugs through, you should use the enterprise in line with the” Internet Drug Transaction Services for approval Interim Provisions “and other documents required by the drug distribution system self-distribution, and in accordance with the” Drug quality management specification, “the relevant requirements, shall not, by courier service, etc. distribution of drugs. “April 15, Anhui Province food and drug Authority issued” on the strengthening of Internet drug information (transaction) service supervision of the notice “(hereinafter referred to as” notice “), so that online pharmacies sell drugs once again become the industry distribution focus.

Online pharmacies Because of its limited distribution logistics coverage for third-party logistics lifting has always been filled with glowing expectations. However, a paper Anhui sudden notice, but a bit worrying, before seems to have signs of loosening policy in the end it will tighten again, lifting more remote? Online pharmacy operators hearts once again hanging to the throat.

In 2005, the first Internet drug trade license had been issued, but because of trade barriers, long consumer education cycle and other reasons, medicine B2C explosive growth just a few years ago. Transaction size relative to other areas of the huge gap, leading pharmaceutical B2C logistics development is lagging behind. In the pharmaceutical B2C explosive growth in recent years, due to its limited distribution coverage, foot policy red line, to borrow the postal delivery and other third-party logistics and distribution became secretly carried some online pharmacies in private behavior.

However, by way of third-party logistics ordinary postal delivery, it is clear to the medication safety of people buried some risks. Drugs as a special commodity, its entire distribution process requirements, much higher than general merchandise. As for the new GSP did not identify the specific storage temperature on the packaging drugs made such a request: a relative humidity of 35% to 75%, taking light, ventilation, moisture, insects, rodents, and ground distance of at least 10 cm and so on. These apparently ordinary third-party logistics companies can not do.

Vietnam Imported Medical Products

Drug officials under the Ministry of Health in Viet Nam 19, said Vietnam is expected to total imports of medicines (pharmaceutical ingredients) and medicines this year amounted to $ 710 million, up 10% over last year, mainly imported from France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the United States.

Currently, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market, about 60% of imports, mainly antibiotics, digestive, antipyretic and analgesic agents. A total of 57 Vietnamese pharmaceutical import and export enterprises and 680 pharmaceutical distributors. The first three quarters of this year, Vietnam imported drugs amounted to $ 396 million, an increase of 9.2%.

Vietnam has also committed to ensuring transparency in drug management policy, open markets, fair competition and ensure the implementation of the right to operate foreign sales companies, for the creation of better conditions to encourage drug companies to further foreign investment in Vietnam and production operations. The first three quarters of the total drug production in Vietnam was $ 332 million, it is expected this year amounted to $ 460 million pharmaceutical production.

Did You Buy Prescription Pills in Medicine Stores?

Shu Friends of the public before holding a stack of bills and buy the drugs from the hospital to go out, because she is intestinal upset stomach to the hospital. After buying her an electronic prescription drug to get a single show to reporters, azole drugs, including Leibei sodium enteric-coated capsules, tablets trimebutine, Bifidobacterium triple viable capsules.

Shu Friends said before, the general himself will be in the hospital after a doctor in medicine directly, few will buy the hospital opened the medicine in pharmacies, not only because the hospital had to reduce drug prices, and quality is more assured, “If the pharmacy to buy medicine in addition to worry whether formal sources of drugs, it will also not be worried at the pharmacy under one roof all medicines, when to run a few places, but also troublesome. ”

Afterward, the reporter visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical University, Hunan Province, a large integrated Second People’s Hospital and other hospitals, and interviewed some of the patients. They have said that if in the hospital, the hospital will be directly in medicine, “First, convenience, all drugs at once under one roof; the second is safe, do not worry about the source of the drug, the third is to reduce the price than before, with the outside the pharmacy price difference is not particularly large. ”

In the Hunan Provincial Children’s Hospital, a mother because the child cough and cold to the hospital, she was in the hospital purchased directly Huatanzhike pediatric syrup, chlorpheniramine maleate and other drugs, “probably will not come back after these medicine Buy a hospital, holding a large pharmacy nearby home kit to buy directly on the line. “

Do Not Prepare So Many Medicines in Family

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, pay more attention to physical health. Now most families will prepare “a small medicine chest,” put some commonly used drugs; some patients will also unused drugs recovered after storage down to time with the disease again. But keep drug refinement Mo too much. Fifty-one upcoming, may wish to use the opportunity to leave, tidy up their own small medicine chest.

Many women believe that the more family reserve drugs more secure, both varieties and quantity, in short, to achieve “a family of drugs” in order to “hearts do not panic.” In fact, the more prepared the drug, the greater due to the deterioration and undertake security and economic risks. Apart from some external emergency medicine, family medicine is best used with the purchase. More than one medication, it will expire phenomenon occurs, some people can not bear to waste on taking expired drugs, but it will be adversely affected by the timing of treatment, and may even cause adverse reactions. Validity of the short, unusual, open preparation package, it is unclear validity drugs are not retained.

Life, often the patient accustomed to the doctor named to the high prices of some “good medicine”, and believe that cheaper drugs do not cure; there are people like to refer to the pharmacy to buy ads first so-called “good medicine” self-medication. Any drug has a dual nature, namely therapeutic and side effects, so there indications and contraindications. The quality of the drug should be understood in drug effects, effects, indications and whether toxic side effects and so on.

Where efficacy, drug side effects, stable quality, cheap, easy to use, able to “cure the patient,” the medicine is good medicine. Such as the application of penicillin over half a century, is still the clinicians treating bacterial infections diseases drug of choice. Another example nitroglycerin, but a few cents per piece, but it is recognized as a life-saving medicine in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

Fake Bone Capsules were Seized

Driven by the interests of some people hesitate to take risks. Huaiyin District People’s Procuratorate recently sued the family together production and sales of counterfeit case, eight family members each division, breaking the rear anti-inflammatory drugs mixed with starch, poured into the capsule skin fake “Bone Capsule” “Bones Shujin Dan “and eight kinds of drugs, through logistics, etc. sold throughout the country, involving more than 20 million.
The investigation, which is a 8 from Henan. Fumou collar suspects had engaged in drug business activities, production and sale of fake medicines See profitable, then in 2012, worked in the mill purchased online, Yamo machine coding machine, capsule skin, internal and external packaging materials and Beijing Hang Seng pharmaceutical qualification procedures and other items related to the company, gathered brother Fu Moufei Fumou standard, Fumou Kong, Fu Moujun father, Moumou mother, wife and sister Zhang Jiang Moumou, Huaiyin District Tin Village in a private house inside, breaking the anti-inflammatory drugs mixed with starch poured into the capsule, the production called “bone capsule” “LONG Shu capsule” “Herd Shujin Dan” “Hundred salbutamol capsule,” “Hong yuan capsule” “dragon breath ling “and” Royal goods bone health, “” bone Shujin Dan “eight kinds of drugs. After identification, the capsule are counterfeit.

To expand the market, they each division, there are responsible for issuing means of brochures and the like in a free trial on drug development to attract buyers, there are responsible for customer outreach, registration and supply shipments, there is to be responsible for the post office and various logistics companies to Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces and cities to send goods.

Huge Amount of Data Shows the New Development of Medicines

In the field of pharmaceutical development, pharmaceutical process chemists are very concerned about what molecules, which react more valuable. Recently, Novartis Institute of Biomedical and a British software company, research in the United States between 1976 and 2015 published patent situation reveals that pharmaceutical chemists 40 years in which research, drug development and trends in the changes. The findings help to understand the development of the drug most commonly used in chemical reactions.
According to the American Association of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering website reported that previous studies used data mostly from scientific journals, notes and other electronic laboratory pharmaceutical companies. However, the research team believes that the patent data can discover more things. Conventional wisdom holds that because the industry is used to construct novel chemical structure, may not be published in the scientific literature, or even after a long time also published things.

The researchers recently published in the “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” magazine paper, the new research using chemical informatics tools NextMove software development company, surveyed 200,000 patent applications and approved by the United States, which uses about 1.3 million chemical The reaction and the model data. Through text mining, the researchers extracted the 1.15 million unique full response plan, including the role and the reaction product, and then to classify these reactions using an expert system, and into some well-known reaction types. It was found that chemists did more preference for certain types of reactions, such as an amide bond formation, deprotection or C-C bond formation.

Responsible for the study of Novartis Nadine Schneider and his team through computational analysis reveals the rise and fall fluctuations chemists preferences “bread and butter” response. With drugs new strategies and the evolution of species, study the situation also will be changed. As Suzuki – Miyaura coupling reaction (a primary method of CC bond Construction) has entered the ranking, which led to some of the traditional use of chemical reactions declined as synthetic olefin Wittig (Wittig) reaction, while others Some still maintain a strong position, such as Grignard (Grignard) reaction.

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