Boxing is so much more than a sport. It’s an art form that can transform the body, mind and soul. The physical and mental strength the sport provides can increase confidence, determination as well as stamina, muscle mass and weight loss.

While in the past boxing was purely about the fight, it has now become a form of fun, effective all over fitness. Additionally, what was once a male-dominated sport has recently gained popularity among women and children. With the addition of womens boxing in the upcoming 2012 Olympics women are beginning to see the benefits of boxing training as well.

Boxing adds variety to fitness regimes while being fun and unique. Boxing training combine’s jump rope, stretching, jogging, and shadow boxing as well as offensive and defensive techniques. Boxing fitness programs also incorporates heavy bags, double end bags, speed bags and focus mitt training. All components of the workout tone the body and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Today’s boxing gyms offer several boxing workout programs including one on one training, classes and boot camps. One on One Training provides personal training along with a boxing workout regime. Classes teach the art of boxing in a group setting. Boxing fitness boot camps is growing in one of the more popular options, offering a super charged workout that burns fat and calories while increasing muscle tone. These boxing boot camps mix new school and old school training including kettle bell training, toning bars, dumbbells and more. Stop by your local boxing gym and see for yourself.

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