Currently patients with lung cancer using targeted prodrug five months at their own expense for the period of administration, the economic burden is very large, medicines per month to pay up to 15,900 yuan, five months down to close to 8 million. Recently, a national chain of specialty pharmacy in Guangzhou, launched interest-free, mortgage-free, targeted drug costs payment installments. Through 18-month installment plan, patients only pay 4417 yuan per month for medicine.

Installments was developed after World War II. Usually confined to buy household goods or services at the beginning. With the rapid development of productive forces, everyone’s material needs growing installments on expanding in various fields. Today we buy a house, buy a car, buy a computer using hire purchase are very common.

Guangzhou This specialty pharmacy chain launched anticancer drugs installments sense than buying a car hire computer is far greater, in a sense, is a life-saving installments. These patients buy drugs, not for consumption, but not for investment, but in order to survive. Without this anti-cancer drugs is likely to pay in installments, put a patient into an impasse.