Some people think that health care reform is Sanming through strong government, reforms to resolve an iron fist, not through the market to solve. Sanming medical reform model for the current medical problems – Medical market monopoly, the doctor can not freely practice, medical services and poor reliability, and can not be solved, even strong government to promote the reform led to the government to expand its powers, in the open market and other issues will be a retrograde step. And which country to promote the “decentralization” contrary.

In Chan Chik Fu opinion, “Sanming healthcare reform from the government is for the people to provide basic medical security objective, rather than the power policy, which is the general secretary Xi said the government should assume responsibility for leading the reform, providing security responsibilities are unified.
Government is to serve the people, and the government itself must bear some of the responsibility to protect, for example, for the people to provide basic education, basic public security, basic health care, and even basic housing services.

Say health care reform is difficult, Difficulties? Kowloon flood control difficult. Among sectoral interests is difficult to break, passing the buck. Therefore, the first step is to reform the health care reform Sanming. Chan Chik Fu stressed that “Sanming City first straighten out the leadership system, the matter relates to the field of medical, health care, medicine and other owned by one person managed to break the long condominium, truly three doctors linkage. Then, streamline government departments and public responsibilities between hospitals. Government departments should be within the walls of the hospital authority back to Dean, the responsibility borne by the Government, the Government must bear it. “