“When Internet sales of drugs through, you should use the enterprise in line with the” Internet Drug Transaction Services for approval Interim Provisions “and other documents required by the drug distribution system self-distribution, and in accordance with the” Drug quality management specification, “the relevant requirements, shall not, by courier service, etc. distribution of drugs. “April 15, Anhui Province food and drug Authority issued” on the strengthening of Internet drug information (transaction) service supervision of the notice “(hereinafter referred to as” notice “), so that online pharmacies sell drugs once again become the industry distribution focus.

Online pharmacies Because of its limited distribution logistics coverage for third-party logistics lifting has always been filled with glowing expectations. However, a paper Anhui sudden notice, but a bit worrying, before seems to have signs of loosening policy in the end it will tighten again, lifting more remote? Online pharmacy operators hearts once again hanging to the throat.

In 2005, the first Internet drug trade license had been issued, but because of trade barriers, long consumer education cycle and other reasons, medicine B2C explosive growth just a few years ago. Transaction size relative to other areas of the huge gap, leading pharmaceutical B2C logistics development is lagging behind. In the pharmaceutical B2C explosive growth in recent years, due to its limited distribution coverage, foot policy red line, to borrow the postal delivery and other third-party logistics and distribution became secretly carried some online pharmacies in private behavior.

However, by way of third-party logistics ordinary postal delivery, it is clear to the medication safety of people buried some risks. Drugs as a special commodity, its entire distribution process requirements, much higher than general merchandise. As for the new GSP did not identify the specific storage temperature on the packaging drugs made such a request: a relative humidity of 35% to 75%, taking light, ventilation, moisture, insects, rodents, and ground distance of at least 10 cm and so on. These apparently ordinary third-party logistics companies can not do.