Drug officials under the Ministry of Health in Viet Nam 19, said Vietnam is expected to total imports of medicines (pharmaceutical ingredients) and medicines this year amounted to $ 710 million, up 10% over last year, mainly imported from France, Germany, Italy, Poland and the United States.

Currently, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market, about 60% of imports, mainly antibiotics, digestive, antipyretic and analgesic agents. A total of 57 Vietnamese pharmaceutical import and export enterprises and 680 pharmaceutical distributors. The first three quarters of this year, Vietnam imported drugs amounted to $ 396 million, an increase of 9.2%.

Vietnam has also committed to ensuring transparency in drug management policy, open markets, fair competition and ensure the implementation of the right to operate foreign sales companies, for the creation of better conditions to encourage drug companies to further foreign investment in Vietnam and production operations. The first three quarters of the total drug production in Vietnam was $ 332 million, it is expected this year amounted to $ 460 million pharmaceutical production.