Shu Friends of the public before holding a stack of bills and buy the drugs from the hospital to go out, because she is intestinal upset stomach to the hospital. After buying her an electronic prescription drug to get a single show to reporters, azole drugs, including Leibei sodium enteric-coated capsules, tablets trimebutine, Bifidobacterium triple viable capsules.

Shu Friends said before, the general himself will be in the hospital after a doctor in medicine directly, few will buy the hospital opened the medicine in pharmacies, not only because the hospital had to reduce drug prices, and quality is more assured, “If the pharmacy to buy medicine in addition to worry whether formal sources of drugs, it will also not be worried at the pharmacy under one roof all medicines, when to run a few places, but also troublesome. ”

Afterward, the reporter visited the First Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical University, Hunan Province, a large integrated Second People’s Hospital and other hospitals, and interviewed some of the patients. They have said that if in the hospital, the hospital will be directly in medicine, “First, convenience, all drugs at once under one roof; the second is safe, do not worry about the source of the drug, the third is to reduce the price than before, with the outside the pharmacy price difference is not particularly large. ”

In the Hunan Provincial Children’s Hospital, a mother because the child cough and cold to the hospital, she was in the hospital purchased directly Huatanzhike pediatric syrup, chlorpheniramine maleate and other drugs, “probably will not come back after these medicine Buy a hospital, holding a large pharmacy nearby home kit to buy directly on the line. “