Medicines from China Mainland Should Not be Registered

Guangdong Food and Drug Administration review authentication center Liaison Office officially arrived in Guangdong and Macao, Zhuhai Hengqin Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park, the two sides will work together to explore the reform of drug approval. Pharmaceutical industrial park in the future after the review of certification, to enter the Macao market or will no longer have access to do registration.

It is reported that this seminar is jointly organized by Guangdong and Macao Chinese medicine industrial park and the China Technology Exchange. The exchange Biomedical Services Department official said, the mainland before the drug into the market, subject to approval of the State Food and Drug Administration, but in order to enter Macau sales, the need to re-register again in Macau. Liaison Office to explore the landing is reduced and Macao within the approval process, and promote the two drugs to recognize qualifications.

Currently, the approval of reform has just started, the future of the Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration review authentication sub-centers will be located in the industrial park. In this seminar, China Technology Exchange International Chinese medicine industry base was officially settled in Chinese medicine industrial park, the future the two sides will further expand cooperation in the field of the international registration, import and export trade.

Further, the second session of the National Medical masters such as Liu Min, Wang Qi, former State Secretary for Food and Drug Administration Shao Mingli, president of China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine TRADITIONAL and other domestic top nine persons employed in the pharmaceutical industry as a member of the expert advisory committee industrial park.

Normally Set Up A System to Regulate Medicine Price

And reason to believe that the new regulations than the last survey methodology historic medicine prices survey method is more thorough, more complete species, more in-depth information, requiring more determined, more comprehensive platform!

Construction of a new round of prices of medicines traceability system, drug prices should implement a traceability system, the country tube platform, the Food and Drug Administration of the State government platform of the information system, the tax system is an upgraded version of the VAT invoices vertically integrated system.

Should be a series of financial records dynamic drug production costs, marketing costs, a reasonable profit, etc., or with drugs-related information recording prices, and to achieve the drug prices, drug bid price (hanging net price), negotiated price, the transaction price and other post-recording process is full market price information.

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