Fake Bone Capsules were Seized

Driven by the interests of some people hesitate to take risks. Huaiyin District People’s Procuratorate recently sued the family together production and sales of counterfeit case, eight family members each division, breaking the rear anti-inflammatory drugs mixed with starch, poured into the capsule skin fake “Bone Capsule” “Bones Shujin Dan “and eight kinds of drugs, through logistics, etc. sold throughout the country, involving more than 20 million.
The investigation, which is a 8 from Henan. Fumou collar suspects had engaged in drug business activities, production and sale of fake medicines See profitable, then in 2012, worked in the mill purchased online, Yamo machine coding machine, capsule skin, internal and external packaging materials and Beijing Hang Seng pharmaceutical qualification procedures and other items related to the company, gathered brother Fu Moufei Fumou standard, Fumou Kong, Fu Moujun father, Moumou mother, wife and sister Zhang Jiang Moumou, Huaiyin District Tin Village in a private house inside, breaking the anti-inflammatory drugs mixed with starch poured into the capsule, the production called “bone capsule” “LONG Shu capsule” “Herd Shujin Dan” “Hundred salbutamol capsule,” “Hong yuan capsule” “dragon breath ling “and” Royal goods bone health, “” bone Shujin Dan “eight kinds of drugs. After identification, the capsule are counterfeit.

To expand the market, they each division, there are responsible for issuing means of brochures and the like in a free trial on drug development to attract buyers, there are responsible for customer outreach, registration and supply shipments, there is to be responsible for the post office and various logistics companies to Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Sichuan and other provinces and cities to send goods.

Weekly Newspaper for Biomedical Industry

Retracement of last week’s market as a whole, in addition to financial and cycle varieties, the majority of the industry adjustment have reached more than 4%. We believe that the market after the shock and kill, before the popularity decreased slightly, but the risk also will be released. In the choice of the subject, we suggest focusing on the combination of fundamentals and topics.

Last week four-day Medical Fair (CMEF) held at the National Convention Centre, national and global well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers gathered to display their products at the same time, various forums to attract more attention by investors. IMS as a world leader in the realm of health consulting company, its market data and analytics in the industry is very authoritative.

China’s pharmaceutical market in 2015 with an average annual growth rate of each channel has slowed down, the growth rate has fallen below retail channels hospital pharmacies and community health centers, hospitals and the county has become the foreign pharmaceutical companies in the battle. By gradually standardize the rationalization of administration, and related areas (such as adjuvant therapy with Chinese medicine) growth slowed sharply, while chronic medication less affected. Hospital pharmaceutical market is further concentrated in scale, TOP20 Group’s growing faster than the overall market growth.

CFDA and SAT combating dishonest pharmaceutical companies; Shanghai pilot reform of drug evaluation system, continue to promote the listing licensee System; sold to Hong Kong within the property sheet is detected Yinqiaojiedu paracetamol; Maidi Wei’s Medical rejected Sanofi Offer AstraZeneca said the acquisition will; Cleveland Clinic assisted reproductive enter Chinese market.

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