Antibody Drugs Develop Fast

The current global antibody drug market growth was strong: In 1997, the global antibody drug market size of only 310 million US dollars in 2010, reached $ 48 billion. Statistics show that in 2015 the global antibody drug market has reached $ 68 billion, and higher growth rate.

While global antibody drug industry booming mainland China in recent years has continued to force: 2007 antibody drug market size of 2.3 billion, an increase of 1 billion yuan in 2010, is the industry that is most active in the bio-pharmaceutical industry part, has become the future development of the field of biomedicine “potential shares.”

Although China antibody drugs is relatively small base, but the huge growth potential. With the “Twelve Five,” “Thirteen Five” plan driven pharmaceutical and biotech industry, driven by the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology, domestic antibody drug industry has developed rapidly, has been formed to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Wuhan as the center Industry Base.

At present, China-made antibody drugs, primarily for the generic drug. In the dominant imported drugs, drug patents expire create a window of opportunity, the Forced domestic drug ratio will be improved: in 2015 $ 64 billion biological drug patent expiration, wherein the antibody drug accounting for up to 48%. The industry generally believe that China “generic” antibody drug will usher in a period of development.

A Great Medical Reminder for Old Men

I will always been a worry about things that require long-term medication to control the disease, even more worse. If the family has a long-term medication, memory is not good for the elderly, not only because I am patient medication irritability, side to help remind families to take medication will be bored.

To avoid this vicious cycle, a reminder to take medicine and developed specifically for smart devices came into being. This intelligent device called “PillDrill” is not only to remind patients to take medication, you can also record the types of drugs taken daily, and even the ability to record patient medication after feeling, so that their families peace of mind but also convenient for doctors to track treatment.

From the appearance point of view, PillDrill comparable conventional classification kit seven days a week to “complicated” is much more. Including alarm clock shape “small central processor,” a sizeable “drug sub-boxing,” some “Scan tag” and called a “mood dice” want to feel the medication tracker.

He ought to take medicine when the central processor on the desktop will be notified that what drugs patients should be taking. If you think that only take medicine PillDrill work even if the end, it would be wrong.

Next, the patient as long as the central processor will just eaten the drug sweep the tag, the system will automatically record the medication, provide convenience for future reference or referral required. When both patient scans drug labels, the patient’s family can directly receive medication reminders have been completely removed from the every day, “you take medicine it” annoying obligation.

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