With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, pay more attention to physical health. Now most families will prepare “a small medicine chest,” put some commonly used drugs; some patients will also unused drugs recovered after storage down to time with the disease again. But keep drug refinement Mo too much. Fifty-one upcoming, may wish to use the opportunity to leave, tidy up their own small medicine chest.

Many women believe that the more family reserve drugs more secure, both varieties and quantity, in short, to achieve “a family of drugs” in order to “hearts do not panic.” In fact, the more prepared the drug, the greater due to the deterioration and undertake security and economic risks. Apart from some external emergency medicine, family medicine is best used with the purchase. More than one medication, it will expire phenomenon occurs, some people can not bear to waste on taking expired drugs, but it will be adversely affected by the timing of treatment, and may even cause adverse reactions. Validity of the short, unusual, open preparation package, it is unclear validity drugs are not retained.

Life, often the patient accustomed to the doctor named to the high prices of some “good medicine”, and believe that cheaper drugs do not cure; there are people like to refer to the pharmacy to buy ads first so-called “good medicine” self-medication. Any drug has a dual nature, namely therapeutic and side effects, so there indications and contraindications. The quality of the drug should be understood in drug effects, effects, indications and whether toxic side effects and so on.

Where efficacy, drug side effects, stable quality, cheap, easy to use, able to “cure the patient,” the medicine is good medicine. Such as the application of penicillin over half a century, is still the clinicians treating bacterial infections diseases drug of choice. Another example nitroglycerin, but a few cents per piece, but it is recognized as a life-saving medicine in patients with acute myocardial infarction.