Do you ever feel like taking a break from the fast pace of life and taking a fantastic “back to nature” camping trip? Do you have questions about how to go about planning such a trip? Here are some simple guidelines about getting away from “it all” and having an enjoyable time doing it.

First, find a spot where you would like to go camping such as a nearby State of National Park. Research it by looking it up on-line, calling the park headquarters, or writing for camping information. Be sure to check out what types of facilities are available at the site you are interested in. Plan accordingly, because if your camping party needs electricity or plumbing, you may end up having a miserable time.

Next, invite the appropriate people. “Roughing it” is right up some peoples’ alley and others aren’t comfortable with it all and will be missing all the luxuries of home before the trip has really ever begun. So the trip won’t be spoiled, an essential element is to invite friends and/or family that get along well together. Also, it is important to have someone along that is skilled in at least some area… Who knows how to set up the camping tent or build a fire? Ask your Army friend to come along; you’ll be appreciative of their skills.

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