Normally Set Up A System to Regulate Medicine Price

And reason to believe that the new regulations than the last survey methodology historic medicine prices survey method is more thorough, more complete species, more in-depth information, requiring more determined, more comprehensive platform!

Construction of a new round of prices of medicines traceability system, drug prices should implement a traceability system, the country tube platform, the Food and Drug Administration of the State government platform of the information system, the tax system is an upgraded version of the VAT invoices vertically integrated system.

Should be a series of financial records dynamic drug production costs, marketing costs, a reasonable profit, etc., or with drugs-related information recording prices, and to achieve the drug prices, drug bid price (hanging net price), negotiated price, the transaction price and other post-recording process is full market price information.

Creat New Highland for Prescriptions

Anhui Taihe people in the early 1980s, with a keen awareness of the circulation, to be pioneers of the spirit of innovation in the country to develop pharmaceutical logistics division, formed the army of 200,000 people drug dealers, a “buy the country, selling China “reputation, and gradually in Taihe County established a national distribution center for large-scale pharmaceutical, become the country’s large-scale single market pharmaceutical sales, called” Wo mode. ”

With the development of Chinese medicine professional market Wo, Wo modern pharmaceutical industry should be shipped breakthrough, initially formed cluster size. In 2013, bio-pharmaceutical industry Taihe County in Anhui Province, Fuyang city government as a strategic emerging industry “industry first.” July 9, 2015, Anhui Provincial Government 54th executive meeting to determine the province’s first batch of 14 strategic emerging industry cluster development base, Anhui Taihe Economic Development Zone was selected as the modern pharmaceutical industry cluster development base.

On December 2015, Taihe Economic Development Zone was awarded the “National Torch Anhui Taihe pharmaceutical preparations of high-end industrial base,” the title of Science and Technology. “In the future, Taihe will focus on fostering the growth of annual output value of 100 billion yuan enterprises 3, from 1 billion to 10 billion yuan enterprise 5, 100 million to 1 billion yuan enterprises 50, the annual turnover of 200 billion yuan market 1. “Taihe County official says.

Chemicals Companies Sell More Drugs

Pharmaceutical Chemicals Company mainly fluorine intermediates for cardiovascular drugs, diabetes drugs, psychotropic drugs, anti-infective drugs and anti-viral medicine, synthetic raw materials, intermediates and other sectors has a strong technological advantage. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the downstream part of the original drug and preparation, the company selected to achieve rapid expansion of the industry through mergers and acquisitions. In early 2016 shares of Shanghai Branch Ling Medical Technology Co., Ltd., officially cut the Internet health management, the acquisition of Foshan Zhejiang palm and palm, will help the company achieve rapid pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials to the pharmaceutical formulation vertically integrated industry chain. At present, the company is “Wing Tai Pharmaceutical preparations International Development Capacity Building Project” is an orderly way, ANDA, DMF declaration has made progress, GMP system construction initial improvement, and launched the FDA and GMP certification of the declaration as soon as possible, a series of action can be seen that the pharmaceutical company strategic objectives of the firm, orderly layout, expand the scale of future capacity to look forward to.

Domestic pharmaceutical long development cycles, high costs, lengthy approval process of drugs qualified, companies rely on independent research and development of new drugs completely, it is difficult to see results in the short term. Two underlying this acquisition, the texture is very fine: wherein Zhejiang palm has seven patents (six domestic patents, U.S. patent 1), the main products through the US FDA site inspection or the European Union CEP certification, Materials methyldopa and drug gabapentin rank domestic forefront of similar products, the products are exported to more than ten countries and regions; Foshan palm was formerly global generics giant Actavis Group, a subsidiary of China – Actavis (Foshan ) pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., after years of development, Foshan palms has made 78 drug approval number. The company already has in Europe and America through the acquisition of the pharmaceutical market clearance eligibility and won several domestic drug approval number of companies, both to seize the opportunities of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, but also to promote the pace of internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry, can be described as domestic and international with both hands, hands quickly.

Suofeibuwei demand will be explosive growth in the non-canonical market. Suofeibuwei or Harvoni monolithic doses are 400mg, 400mg discount off a need pentafluorophenol. Gilead pentafluorophenol suppliers, and never too much technology accounted for 80%, 20% of an Indian firm. We launched from the front Gilead in 2015 sales 22,580,000 calculation, pentafluorophenol demand never too much technology is about 7.2 tons, we believe this is a conservative guess, as the lower demand to consider. Also note that the September 15, 2014, Gilead announced seven Indian generic manufacturers (Cipla, Mylan, Ranbaxy, etc.) signed a non-exclusive concession agreement, allowing it to produce and sell sheets sofosbuvir to more than 91 developing countries (excluding China), the benefit of the global number of hepatitis C patients occupy 54%, priced at $ 10 / piece. That is the market in the non-canonical, Suofeibuwei sales level will be explosive growth, even if the 30 million people estimated need pentafluorophenol have 1008 tons of raw materials, never too much technology in the presence of a strong pentafluorophenol cost advantages in the nonstandard market also has a strong competitive edge, so the market for non-canonical pentafluorophenol, it will be the next flashpoint demand.

Pharmaceutical Products Need More Attention

Recently, the Hong Kong Department of Health is investigating a disclosure of proprietary Chinese medicine doping “paracetamol” component of the case. Announcement and someone’s picture drugs presently disclosed Hong Kong Department of Health show that the drug is listed on the mainland this new medicine produced Yinqiaojiedu sheet products. A spokesman for the Hong Kong Department of Health said the product label does not contain western drug ingredients, and in general, sales of proprietary Chinese medicines in Hong Kong should not contain western medicines.

Subsequently, the new pharmaceutical form of announcement on the matter responded that currently the State Food and Drug Administration website has issued a “briefing sold to Hong Kong bureau of Yinqiaojiedu sheet detection paracetamol investigation” involves company-owned points bulletin Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Lung Shun Yung pharmaceutical products, “the Great Wall card,” Yinqiaojiedu sheet (export).

For reasons of western medicine mixed, the State Food and Drug Administration announcement indicated, Lung Shun Yung pharmaceutical production and purification tablets Yinqiaojiedu Yinqiaojiedu sheet common tableting machine, refined prescription Yinqiaojiedu tablets containing approved paracetamol 60mg / piece, because the field is not completely clear cause product cross-contamination. State Food and Drug Administration said the drug cross contamination in violation of Good Manufacturing Practice (hereinafter referred to as “drug GMP”) of critical quality event, the State Food and Drug Administration requirements for market and Tianjin Quality Supervision and Administration Commission ordered Lung Shun Yung pharmaceutical factory shutdown rectify, complete recall someone’s product, and violation of GMP and other acts of illegal production criminal investigation.

Focus on Medical Health Industry

L. Chiao Tung University in the plan, said that in recent years the company continued to develop ideas and clear objectives, tasks, adjust the original development strategy, the gradual transformation of a large area of ​​health, the health plan to build a large pharmaceutical industry investment, integration platform companies.

Medicine for the further implementation of large health strategy, L. Chiao Tung University announced restructuring plan in early 2016, is scheduled for 12 months later the company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange NT Pharma does not exceed 29.99% of the shares. Currently, NT Pharma L. Chiao Tung University has become the second largest shareholder, holding the proportion of nearly 20%. NT Pharma company will work with hospitals nationwide including channel development and academic promotion, to carry out a comprehensive strategic cooperation in a number of projects.

Shun Securities believes that shares of NT Pharma L. Chiao Tung University is an important step to build a large platform towards health industry, through mergers and acquisitions or open profit margins, profitability continued to improve, to achieve synergies, the company’s strategy to enter the pharmaceutical industry. Data show that in 2014 net profit of NT Pharma swung 2.087 million yuan in 2015 net profit more rapid growth to 88 million yuan, up sharply increased 4101 percent.

Illegal Use of Unsafe Ingredients

Flavored pastas prime beef Ligament, gluten, spicy strips around the campus has been a popular small snacks, and according to regional Food and Drug Administration in 2015 sampling results show that 10 batches of spot checks of seasoned pasta in only five batches of qualified, unqualified project including coliforms, aluminum residues, sodium cyclamate, acesulfame, sorbic acid and the like.

Include flavoring pastas, autonomous food and drug administration departments have dairy products, soy sauce, vinegar, bottled drinking water, edible oil products 12 conducted a special supervision and sampling, a total sample of 588 companies 970 batches of products, 105 batches of substandard.

According to reports, the failure of the main reasons: First, the enterprise is not strictly enforce the purchase of raw materials inspection system, use of raw materials up to standard requirements; Second, enterprises do not strictly enforce the production specifications, resulting in product quality is not up; the third is the abuse of food additives and illegal use.

Top 10 Copyright Infringement Cases Judged by Intermediate People’s Court

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court held a press conference to announce the 2015 top ten typical cases of IPR judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and the courts Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court proceedings, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and no trademark infringement unfair competition disputes, mobile operators monopoly disputes and other cases are in the column.

By 2015, the city of Nanjing court to close the year new IPR cases 2572, an increase of 21.6% over last year, faster growth. Where civil 2546, 23 criminal cases, administrative cases three. IPR civil cases, 438 trademark disputes, copyright disputes 1797, 163 patent disputes, disputes 12 new varieties of plants, intellectual property disputes 67 contract, unfair competition 29, 40 other intellectual property disputes member. Concluded a total of 2586 types of intellectual property civil cases, cases closed knot ratio of more than one hundred percent. Which closed 1120 decision, mediation, withdrawal of 1436 closed, the other 30, mediation, withdrawal rate was 55.5%. In criminal cases, where the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks of eight, selling counterfeit registered trademark crimes 11, the illicit manufacture, sales registered trademarks crime in the illicit manufacture of 1, 3 of violating commercial secrets. In addition, the city administrative court has accepted the case of intellectual property 3, concluded three.

At today’s conference, the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court of the Third Civil Court Vice President Xu introduced to regulate the market competition order to promote the city’s economic restructuring and development innovation, intellectual property rights and strong construction market to provide effective judicial protection. Nanjing trial courts at all levels to play against intellectual property crime criminal functions, to strengthen key areas of intellectual property unit of crime, organized crime, drugs, food and other crimes and violations of trade secrets and other criminal crackdown, strengthen the application of fine penalty, and so that the defendant incapacity and conditions of re-offending.

Medical Service Steps into the Elders’ Families

To reduce duplication of medication, the occurrence of irrational drug use by Han Cuiping general practitioners, pharmacists Wang Zhenxing, Lin Chu Lo Geriatric Hospital pharmacists composed family team of doctors – pharmacy service teams into the welfare center for the elderly stay at home for them provide health management, pharmaceutical services.

What is a pharmaceutical services? Pharmaceutical services (also called pharmacy services) is not a simple window in accordance with the pharmacists in dispensing prescription dispensing, but pharmacists pharmacy application expertise to the public (including the medical staff, patients and their families) to provide direct, responsible, and drug use-related services, in order to improve medication safety, effectiveness and economy, to achieve the ideal goal to improve and enhance the quality of human life.

According to statistics, the elderly, the prevalence of the list: suffering from hypertension 40-70%; 30-50% suffer from dyslipidemia; suffering from metabolic syndrome as high as 30-40%; abdominal obesity is more common than BMI levels were; no less than 10% of the appeal of the complications of the elderly. A variety of diseases, is bound to a variety of drugs, irrational drug use, increasing the probability of repeated drug use.

After visiting the family doctor team, first man to tell their own major health problem, how they are medication, blood pressure, blood sugar control how and so on; squad doctors, pharmacists discuss the elderly according to diseases, medication, and disease control situation, for the elderly presented more reasonable regimen, how to explain to the elderly medication, fasting or postprandial medication service, which can not take drugs, what side effects may occur, which indicators need to detect, and so on.

Weekly Newspaper for Biomedical Industry

Retracement of last week’s market as a whole, in addition to financial and cycle varieties, the majority of the industry adjustment have reached more than 4%. We believe that the market after the shock and kill, before the popularity decreased slightly, but the risk also will be released. In the choice of the subject, we suggest focusing on the combination of fundamentals and topics.

Last week four-day Medical Fair (CMEF) held at the National Convention Centre, national and global well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers gathered to display their products at the same time, various forums to attract more attention by investors. IMS as a world leader in the realm of health consulting company, its market data and analytics in the industry is very authoritative.

China’s pharmaceutical market in 2015 with an average annual growth rate of each channel has slowed down, the growth rate has fallen below retail channels hospital pharmacies and community health centers, hospitals and the county has become the foreign pharmaceutical companies in the battle. By gradually standardize the rationalization of administration, and related areas (such as adjuvant therapy with Chinese medicine) growth slowed sharply, while chronic medication less affected. Hospital pharmaceutical market is further concentrated in scale, TOP20 Group’s growing faster than the overall market growth.

CFDA and SAT combating dishonest pharmaceutical companies; Shanghai pilot reform of drug evaluation system, continue to promote the listing licensee System; sold to Hong Kong within the property sheet is detected Yinqiaojiedu paracetamol; Maidi Wei’s Medical rejected Sanofi Offer AstraZeneca said the acquisition will; Cleveland Clinic assisted reproductive enter Chinese market.

Four Related Medical Policies

Since the conformance assessment advice the official arrival, as the main implementation body, the company also began to boil, the difficulty of this work, deadlines, funding, and face the unforeseeable future evaluation path “trap” will not small pharmaceutical production enterprises, especially SMEs, and with no core competitiveness of enterprises battered and disoriented. Many companies will dish clear the real situation, I choose to continue forward afar, or give up, screeching halt!

Since “Ginkgo biloba” incident broke out around the country and Drug Administration inspection of the fly normalization. Moreover, from the current flight inspection briefing, the manufacturers are facing the industry, “a newspaper (report) that is dead, a fly (flight check) that is dead” and “collapse” eco-environment; in this environment, businesses MUST to look after their own GMP, GSP and other certificates of.

When prices of medicines traceability system met the country tube platform, drug manufacturers last one “straw” prices also completely “naked”, and he has the same as having the overall cost of the national pharmaceutical production enterprises of production of pharmaceuticals, information on prices, drug tender back country tube platform hanging bid price, the transaction price, price negotiations initiative firmly locked in the system, the previous row Tolerance drug tender price system, fly ash or bargaining negotiations Raiders annihilation.

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